U.S. resupplies Kurdish fighters in embattled Kobani

Even so, President Barack Obama ordered the Air Force to drop small arms, ammunition and medical supplies drawn from the stockpiles of Iraq’s Kurdish forces, officials said. Kobani is just inside Syria’s border with Turkey; Obama phoned his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to give him notice before the drop. The officials declined to describe how Erdo?an took the news.

“I won’t characterize the Turkish response,” the senior administration official said. “The Turkish government will have to speak for themselves on the matter.”

Despite public politeness, relations between Washington and Ankara have evidently been strained over Obama’s ongoing war against ISIL in Syria and Iraq. At one point, American defense officials told reporters that Turkey had agreed to host military operations against ISIL terrorists in Syria — then Turkish defense officials told reporters that wasn’t so.