White House: Ron Klain's work handing out stimulus money was good experience for Ebola czar

“He helped oversee implementation of the Recovery Act, a major interagency and intergovernmental project,” wrote White House spokesman Eric Schultz in response to an emailed question. “Under Klain’s watch, that team: 1) Met and exceeded the plan for deploying the stimulus on time, in a complex interagency scenario involving almost every agency of the federal government; 2) Operationalized an unprecedented commitment to transparency — quarterly reports on Recovery.gov, overseen by Independent Recovery Transparency and Accountability Board; and 3) Defied expectations for the very low level of fraud — widely acclaimed at the time.”

Earlier Friday, the White House published a blog post saying Klain has “extensive experience in overseeing complex governmental operations.” Still earlier, liberal blogger Ezra Klein, thought to be close to many Obama White House veterans, including Klain, wrote that “Everyone agreed Klain knew how to run an interagency process.”

The stimulus, apparently, is Exhibit A, and perhaps also Exhibit B and Exhibit C, for Klain’s ability to run an interagency process and therefore his readiness to serve as Ebola czar.