"Deep down, Republicans who know health care know the truth: Obamacare isn’t about to be repealed"

Just don’t expect a “reckoning” with the voters, where Republicans tell voters they can’t get rid of it — not as long as vows to repeal rile up campaign crowds and serve as fundraising catnip. Instead, the talk will slowly turn to what pieces of the law Republicans might be able to knock out in the next two years, followed by a full airing of plans in the 2016 presidential race that will shift the conversation to “replacing” as much of the law as possible, according to interviews with a dozen GOP strategists, staffers and health care analysts.

Republican candidates will keep shining the spotlight on the law’s problems, and they’ll have to compete with the likes of Ted Cruz, who still gets thunderous applause with his promise to “repeal every word of Obamacare.” But soon, they’re going to have to turn the conversation away from what they’d like to do — and start talking about what they can actually do this late in the game.

“Even the most strident opponents of the ACA are coming around to the realization that, ‘I want to repeal every word, but I don’t think that is feasible,’” said Chris Condeluci, a consultant who’s a rarity in health policy circles: a former Republican Senate staffer who worked on the Affordable Care Act.