Specter of Eric Cantor's loss haunts Beltway Republicans

Staffers have now coined the term “Cantored”, meaning to lose in what is otherwise considered to be a safe, Republican-controlled seat.

“Anyone who is in leadership or chairs a committee knows now that getting Cantored is a real possibility,” said one senior staffer of a House Republican committee chairman who is up for reelection.

“The fear of getting Cantored reinvigorated campaigns across the country,” said another senior staffer for a GOP House member who is up for reelection. “That’s certainly been the case in my office, where the notion of losing what the polls consider a very safe seat has made our team double-down on campaigning efforts.”

Most polls indicate that Republicans will maintain control of the House, and they seem poised to take back control of the Senate.

But Cantor’s upset loss in June still reverberates in Washington.

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