"I never realized a simple gold crucifix could cause so much hurt"

Shaking with emotion Marguerite Scalesse stood before the judge.

“I cry constantly and I agonize over the thought of someone treating my son in the last moments of his beautiful life so disrespectfully,” she said. “Stealing from anyone is shameful, but stealing a crucifix from a dying person is sacrilegious.”

John Scalesse, a former executive of JAS Masonry in Milford, was killed Sept. 22, 2012, after his motorcycle crashed into a construction company truck on the northbound section of Exit 44 on the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield.

Huntsman, the first trooper at the crash scene, walked over to where Scalesse lay, bent down and picked up Scalesse’s gold chain from a pool of blood, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. He then took a roll of bills totaling $3,700 that had been in Scalesse’s pocket.

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