Poll of millennial voters validates the GOP's do-nothing immigration strategy

White millennials, people who according to the poll are all-in for comprehensive reform, blame Republicans and Obama/Democrats at roughly the same level – 30 percent blame the GOP, 29 percent blame the others. There’s a wider blame gap among Hispanic voters, 43-24, but when you add in voters who blame “all of” the players in Washington, it overwhelms the blame for Republicans.

What more could House Republicans hope for? They were, functionally, the impediment to a bill passing in 2013 or 2014. On Latino media – on Fusion itself! – this was covered explicitly. The Senate passed a bill, the president was ready to sign it, the House bottled it.

All of that was clear, and still, most millennial voters looked at the Washington pile-up and said “boy, none of those people can get anything done.” Every week or so, there’s another piece of evidence that the opposition can count on veto points to block legislation while confusing voters about the reason for the blockage. Add this to the stack.