Is the gay marriage battle over? The silence on the right is deafening

We haven’t seen conservative commentators on Fox denouncing what the Supreme Court did. And many Republicans are simply ducking the issue.

With public opinion increasingly favoring gay marriage, it seems the conservative movement has essentially surrendered. And with gay weddings soon to be performed in 30 states, that is unlikely to change.

I should stop right here and point out that a major chunk of the country still believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Their views should be respected, but are often minimized by the mainstream media, which are undeniably liberal on this issue. And obviously there are still advocates battling this legal trend.

But the Republican National Committee put out no statement on Monday’s ruling, and when MSNBC asked Reince Priebus about that yesterday, he sounded rather obligatory in saying “I’m not running from that position” against gay marriage. Earlier, Michele Bachmann said gay marriage was “not an issue” in the midterms and pronounced questions about it “boring.”