Democrats fear Brian Sandoval could peel away Latino voters in 2016 as GOP VP

According to the sources familiar with the meetings, the DNC does not expect Republicans to pass major policy changes in the next two years that will appeal to Latinos and believes the party’s best chance will be to moderate its rhetoric on immigration — and put forth a Latino vice presidential candidate.

The DNC officials don’t believe the most dangerous candidate to them is Sen. Marco Rubio, who, according to the sources, they feel has been damaged by flip flopping on immigration. The same goes for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who DNC officials suggested isn’t as credible a national candidate as some believe due to her trouble staying on message, according to the sources.

Sandoval, a popular governor, with approval ratings consistently north of 60%, is Mexican-American and resides in the Southwest, two factors the DNC officials believe would work in his favor since close to 70% of Latinos in the U.S. are Mexican. He is expected to be reelected next month.