The CDC's multitasking is hurting the fight against Ebola

In 2014, the CDC received (together with the Public Health Service and related programs) $6.8 billion. But not all of that money went to infectious diseases. In addition to the CDC’s supposed raison d’etre, there were programs for:


Chronic disease prevention (obesity, heart disease, etc): fiscal 2014 budget approximately $1 billion, or just under 15% of the total budget.

Birth defects: $132 million, or just about 2% of the total budget.

Environmental health (asthma, safe water, etc): $179 million, 2.6% of total.

Injury prevention (domestic violence, brain injury, etc): $150 million, 2.2% of total.

Public health services (statistics, surveillance, etc): $482 million, 7% of total.

Occupational safety (mostly research): $332 million, 5% of total.

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