Is "Gone Girl" anti-woman?

Even with all this playing with type, perhaps because of it, only those who think of women as nothing more than perpetual victims would think the story is anti-woman.

Amy is, in a sick and twisted way, the ideal of feminism. She holds all the power and wields it without mercy. Her money, her intelligence, her independence, all are nothing more than tools toward her goals. She asks no permission, depends on no one. Even her femininity acts as a weapon. She appropriates and exploits the language of victimhood, even the law designed to prevent victimhood, to damage men.

The hunted has become the hunter.

As it turns out, a fully actualized woman acting at the height of her power can choose to do bad. Individuals know this, and know that some women can’t be trusted, just as some men can’t be. Courts know this, that women sometimes lie about abuse and rape to gain an advantage over their adversary.

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