Our attention span for "activist" news stories is pretty short, huh?

4. Also still happening: Racism. I know, I know—in the wake of the fatal police shooting this summer of unarmed teen Michael Brown, we had a national conversation about race. About the disparities in outcomes for white and non-white Americans, particularly in the criminal justice system. About police brutality, and the militarization of American police, and how the two have paired to victimize, mostly, black men.

Yet despite this national conversation, we’ve failed to fix racism and the policies that led to the tragedy in Ferguson. Crazy, right?

What’s particularly frustrating about our ADHD on this topic is that there are a few things state legislatures could do—namely, throttle back on the amount of military equipment deployed to local departments, pass laws requiring body-mounted cameras, and track police killings and violence. So far, though, we’re seeing a lot more talk than action on these fronts.

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