It's time for the president to come to Congress for authorization of his anti-ISIS campaign

6. The Obama administration can’t seem to figure out what is going on. The Pentagon admits it can’t get a clear line on what the strikes are achieving — if anything. We apparently almost bombed the very people we plan to train and equip. This gaping intelligence problem must be remedied immediately if this mission has any hopes of success.

7. It doesn’t appear to be working. The bottom line is that 60 days into this operation ISIS is still growing. They are adapting to our announced strategy, they know what we will and won’t do, and they are settling in to their claimed caliphate.

No one doubts that ISIS is evil and that it represents a serious threat to the United States. No one doubts the responsibility of the commander-in-chief to protect the United States from this enemy.

We need to immediately refocus this mission on defeating ISIS, not on resolving the Syrian civil war or encouraging political reconciliation in Baghdad.

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