As Ebola patient in Texas fights for his life, his family copes with stigma and isolation

Troh’s other daughter, Youngor Jallah, 35, who cared for Duncan before calling the ambulance to get him, was told Sunday by CDC officials that she no longer has to isolate herself and her family.

“They came today to say it is okay if I want to go out,” she said.

But Youngor said she feels that people outside her apartment do not want her to come close. Last week, a neighbor standing outside Youngor’s home pointed a finger at her door.

“That is the Ebola family there,” the woman said.

Mawhen Jallah, who lives several miles from her sister, said that last week her daughter’s babysitter, a friend, called to demand that she remove the 2-year-old girl from her home day care.

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