Rand Paul's Plan B for pro-life critics

Studies have repeatedly shown that Plan B ok “does not inhibit plantation.” As a result, the NIH and the Mayo Clinic have edited their websites to remove any suggestion that Plan B could cause abortion, however a “person” may be defined.

Inaccurate label notwithstanding, Plan B is classified by the FDA as a contraceptive. Research has concluded that the drug works “only” by preventing ovulation.

“The problem is, some on both sides are using outdated science, some from decades ago,” Stafford continued. “Not surprisingly, and not helpfully, the government can’t seem to update its outdated misinformation.”

“Contraception does not cause an abortion.” Furthermore, Stafford said, “there is ample, current science to back this up, and people of good faith on both sides of this issue should be able to agree on that. Senator Paul will take a back seat to no one in his defense for human life, but also as a medical doctor, won’t allow bad information to force people to discuss something that should not even be an issue, and does nothing to stop the nearly one million abortions per year in the United States.”