Kansas Senate poll: Greg Orman 48, Pat Roberts 38

Orman, 57%, leads Roberts, 27%, by 30 points among independents likely to vote. Independent Orman receives 16% of likely Republican voters while Republican Roberts garners only 8% of Democrats.

Only 43% of likely voters statewide with a candidate preference for U.S. Senate strongly support their choice. 40% are somewhat committed to their pick, and 14% might vote differently.

Among likely voters who back Orman, 48% are firmly in his corner. 40% of Roberts’ supporters are strongly committed to him. While a plurality of likely voters with a candidate preference, 44%, say they are backing their candidate because they are for him, 49% are doing so because they are against his opponents. 53% of Roberts’ voters support him because they are for him while a majority of Orman’s backers, 55%, says they support Orman because they are against his opponents.

Among Kansas registered voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, Orman has 46% to 36% for Roberts and 5% for Batson.