John Cornyn: The time for arguments "within the family" has passed if conservatives want to win the Senate

“Everybody should recognize that we’re always stronger when we’re together than when we’re divided,” Cornyn told PJM, noting that the intra-party clashes in the primary cycle over conservative credentials were “healthy.” The two-term senator easily beat back a challenge from Tea Party Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) in March, and is polling in strong double-digits against Democratic opponent David Alameel in his quest for a third term.

“We’ve been through a six-year experiment in big government,” Cornyn said. “We can’t let divisions between conservatives cause us to forfeit elections to big government.”

In the midterms “everything is at stake,” he added, and “arguments within the family” should be laid to rest to get the party past the finish line. “The appropriate time for it has passed, at least until after the general election,” the senator said, noting that once the GOP gets the majority the party can then have “robust discussion about what our priorities should be.”