Wake up, Republicans: Hillary's machine can crush you

Yes, the Ready for Hillary PAC will soon be everywhere—in fact, working in every state where there is a key Senate race in the upcoming midterm election. This is number four on my list, and it is politically groundbreaking. Never in the history of American politics has an organization with an unannounced presidential candidate tried to influence the outcome of an election in the name of that candidate.

Ready for Hillary communications director Seth Bringman announced that starting on October 1, his political staff will plant itself in 14 states. A September 17 email to reporters stated the following: “This staff deployment is part of Ready for Hillary’s continued commitment to channeling the enthusiasm for a potential Hillary campaign into helping Democrats on the ballot this year.”

Think of it this way: Ready for Hillary is collecting political IOU’s for its leader, who can never publicly acknowledge the group’s existence.