McCain gets ready for the reelection campaign of his life

“Speaking for myself and every other Republican I know and every other Tea Party person I know, we’re sick to death of him and we will move,” said Wes Harris, founder of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party, the first Tea Party group established in Phoenix.

Harris said McCain won handily in 2010 because Hayworth was a flawed candidate weighed down with too much “baggage” because he worked as a lobbyist after serving in Congress.

Arguing that an upset in 2016 is possible, he pointed to the surprise defeat of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal in the August Republican primary. He lost to Diane Douglas, a relatively unknown conservative challenger.

Still, the veteran senator would have many advantages over a primary challenger.

He reported $1.7 million in his campaign war chest at the end of June after raising $592,000 in the second quarter.