How Disney's "Frozen" ruined my life

I have two little girls, ages 6 and 2, and each of them has seen “Frozen” at least four times as many times as I ever saw “Star Wars.” The apartment is bursting with “Frozen” storybooks, “Frozen” coloring books, “Frozen” dolls, “Frozen” stickers, “Frozen” games, “Frozen” puzzles, “Frozen” costumes and “Frozen” nightgowns.

We have three of those nighties — for two kids. How did that happen? Among the many, many “Frozen” books in the house are two different “Frozen” Little Golden Books — long version and short version. (As I write this, the shorter one is the No. 5 best-selling book on Amazon.) To paraphrase Roy Scheider confronting a similarly all-consuming menace in “Jaws,” we’re going to need a bigger apartment.

Sometimes when my 2-year-old wakes up, “Elsa?” is the first thing she says in the morning. It’s a simple one-word request meaning, “Fire up the ‘Frozen’ DVD and nobody gets hurt.”