Sarah Palin to campaign for Pat Roberts in Kansas amid lingering grassroots anger

The question is how far Palin’s appearance in Kansas on behalf of Roberts will go to bring the embittered grassroots back to the Republican side. With the race so tight, and with Orman appealing not only to Democrats and independents, but also disaffected “moderate” Republicans, Roberts is sorely in need of a boost from the grassroots.

Many Kansans, however, are skeptical that Palin’s presence for a single event will do much to change the simmering antipathy towards the Republican establishment felt by the grassroots. Palin’s impact in Kansas may be further lessened by the surprising fact that she did not endorse Wolf in his primary contest with Roberts.

Kansas Tea Party activists may not support Orman, who many view as a liberal Democrat despite his “independent” label, but they may be more likely to stay at home on election day than vote for Roberts, even with the one time appearance of Palin.