Ebola and ISIS: One scourge gives us pointers about the other

Imagine if — along with West Africa — the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America were filled with entrenched Ebola patients. And if, suddenly, voluntarily, they all gathered themselves in one place. That would be a big load off everyone’s mind. Imagine if, instead of Ebola patients, they were radical, pro-decapitation Islamists.

It’s no secret that Russia, Europe, Australia, and North America have their fair share of home-grown junior jihadis. This week, Australian police rounded up 15 suspected Islamists suspected of planning to decapitate a random Australian and drape him in the ISIS flag. Nidal Hasan, who murdered a civilian and twelve of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in 2009, was born in Virginia. Hasan’s sometime imam, the terror-ringleader Anwar al-Awlaki, was born in New Mexico. Chechen Islamists have fought the Russians and bombed the Boston Marathon. British Nigerians murdered — and tried to behead — a British soldier on a London street in broad daylight. Domestic terror-acolytes are a serious problem for civilized countries everywhere. But now they’re filtering themselves out. The Islamic State is a magnet that attracts only one kind of junk…

Mad-cow disease may be a better analogy than Ebola. Imagine if all the mad cows voluntarily herded themselves into one pasture in eastern Syria. It would make the culling a lot easier. That would be very good news. An opportunity not to be missed.

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