No wave for the GOP

Expecting Monica Wehby to win in Oregon might be expecting too much. But how come this poster child for the RNC’s supposedly winning “autopsy” strategy can’t seem to move the dial closer with actual voters? What will it take to get donors to reject consultants whose advice fails?

The Romney strategy failed in 2012. And regardless of whether or not Republicans narrowly retake the Senate this November, the neo-Romney strategy is in danger of failing massively to deliver what America really needs in 2014: a “wave election” in which the country definitively rejects the Obamanomics that are[can be plural in construction, per Webster’s] strangling average Americans’ economic prospects while producing a Wall Street boomlet. Wall Street, with its downside subsidized by taxpayers, is getting richer and donating money to the Democrats. The great middle class feels our dream dying, and most people aren’t sure why.

And too many GOP candidates, listening to consultants who get paid whether or not the candidates lose, and listening to the donors who foolishly continue to believe the consultants, are reenacting a failing strategy before our eyes.

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