New intelligence strategy acknowledges damage from Snowden's leaks

“The U.S. will continue to face threats of unauthorized disclosures from insiders and others that compromise intelligence sources, methods, capabilities and activities, and may impact international and domestic political dynamics. These disclosures can degrade our ability to conduct intelligence missions and damage our national security,” notes the 24-page document, which is intended to guide intelligence activities over the next four years.

In a speech to a meeting of intelligence and national security professionals in Washington, Clapper emphasized that the strategy leads with a seven-point statement of ethical principles: mission, truth, lawfulness, integrity, stewardship, excellence and diversity.

“Each of these seven principles has been a part of the [intelligence community] I’ve known for 50 years. If we keep these in front of us we can continue the crucial work in support of our senior policymakers while we also increase transparency and protect privacy and civil liberties,” Clapper said.

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