Crazy partisanship begins at home

For example, 81 percent of respondents with consistently conservative views consider it important to teach children religious faith, compared with only 26 percent of liberals. Meanwhile, 88 percent of liberals say that teaching tolerance is important, compared to a mere 41 percent of conservatives.

Respondents were asked to pick among 12 options which that were the most important values to teach children. Liberals picked creativity, curiosity and empathy for others; Conservatives picked religious faith and responsibility as the most characteristics. Liberals were least likely to name obedience as an important characteristic, while conservatives were least likely to name curiousitycuriosity.

Questioners determined the degree to which respondents were liberal or conservative by asking them a series of questions about their political attitudes, among them thoughts on the size and scope of government, the importance of the social safety net, and their feelings on immigration, homosexuality, business, the environment, foreign policy and race.

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