The demagoguery of Ted Cruz and his cheerleaders in the conservative media

Is Israel really the greatest ally of Christians in the region? Israel is a noble, proud, modern country. Its citizens enjoy a democratic state that has been made much safer over the last two decades, enabling Christians from around the world to visit Christian holy sites in Israel. And of course, ISIS lumps together Christians and Jews on its list of targets.

But Israel has not been particularly helpful to Christians in the Middle East. One would imagine their “greatest ally” would welcome Christian refugees escaping violence, or endeavor a military campaign to beat back the group that is crucifying and beheading them. The Kurds do those things. So do the Americans. The Israelis do not. No one should blame them for this, it is just the reality of their national interest. But neither should anyone claim anything more on their behalf.

Furthermore, Israel occasionally antagonizes Middle Eastern Christians. Last year, Israel bulldozed the home of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal. Meanwhile, Palestinian Christians in the occupied territories don’t have free access to Christian holy sites.

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