Ted Cruz was right (and the people who booed him were wrong)

1 – I don’t know what Cruz was thinking when he told attendees at The IDC Summit for Middle East Christians that “Christians have no greater ally than Israel.” It may well be that he expected to be jeered and sought a way to theatrically walk off the stage. If so, he’s doing an excellent job being a politician.

2 – I don’t know whether it was only “vocal and angry minority of attendees,” as Cruz contends, who participated in this “shameful display of bigotry and hatred.” The IDC says “a few politically motivated opportunists” were at fault. But since so many pundits – many of whom I respect – have taken to condemning Cruz, it’s fair to say that the reaction to the reaction is worth reacting to.

3 – I don’t know if it’s an affront – theologically speaking – to Christian denominations in the Middle East to hear that they have no greater ally in the world than the Jews. And I have no standing to know if the crowd was “reflecting the teachings of Christ” or not.

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