GOP leadership will move quickly to check Ted Cruz and make sure the government stays open

With the election less than two months away, leadership is eager to wrap up its 10-day session without committing any unforced errors, focusing instead on message votes on jobs and energy. Speaker John Boehner’s ability to control his caucus is tenuous, and the short time between now and election day means he doesn’t have time for a messy, drawn out fight to pass major legislation.

Aides suggested the quick turnaround on the continuing resolution is to keep the Republican Party’s “Trouble Makers Caucus,” led by Sen. Ted Cruz, from organizing any sort of rebellion and prompting another government shutdown.

President Obama’s decision to punt executive actions on deportations until after the November midterms has significantly reduced the likelihood of a conservative backlash. Whether the president actually has the authority to take executive action has become a point of contention on the right.

Still, Republicans are wary that Cruz and House conservatives could insist the spending bill include language barring the administration from implementing the changes in the future. And three weeks is more than enough time for conservatives to put enough pressure on Boehner to accept their demands for a fight.

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