Destroying ISIS should be our number one priority, says ... Elizabeth Warren

Warren agreed that “time is of the essence.”

“We need to be working now, full-speed ahead, with other countries, to destroy ISIS. That should be our No. 1 priority,” she said in a wide-ranging interview promoting her latest book, A Fighting Chance.

President Obama said earlier in the day from Estonia that the U.S. would “degrade and destroy” the terrorist group. But later he said the country should work with allies to “shrink” the group’s “sphere of influence,” effectively making it a “manageable problem.”

Warren deflected a question on whether Obama has been too cautious in his strategy to combat the Islamic terrorist group and pushed back on potentially broader unilateral action.

“We can’t get pulled into another war in the Middle East,” she said. “We need to be working with others to close ISIS down.”

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