Democrats’ five-point campaign plan for the fall

Frighten seniors. If it is the fall of an even-numbered year, you can be certain that Democrats will be running ads saying that Republicans want to take away seniors’ Social Security. You can set your watch by it. The National Journal’s Michael Tanner matter-of-factly examines the Democratic ads so far this cycle that accuse “Republicans of wanting to destroy Social Security and Medicare.” Typical.

Anger African Americans. An angry voter is a motivated voter. The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin wrote this weekend that, “At risk in Senate, Democrats seek to rally blacks.” Martin states that Democrats are using the events in Ferguson, Mo., as a means to “urge black voters to channel their anger by voting Democratic in the midterm elections.” The manipulation of Ferguson to favor one political party over the other may be the cynical low point of the 2014 midterm elections – and that is saying something.

Drive turnout among Latino voters. The GOP can’t seem to get anything right with Latino voters. And unfortunately, as readers of the Insiders know, a bumper sticker beats an essay. Tea partiers and angry voters on the right have captured the word “amnesty,” making it a powerful bumper sticker. Anyone who suggests taking sensible steps to reform immigration is hit with the charge of being pro-amnesty. Being for any type of immigration reform is pure poison in the Republican Party these days. This has kept the party from having a coherent and friendly message, leaving Latino voters with the impression that Republicans just don’t care about their votes.

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