Is Rand Paul's moment already over?

According to a Pew poll released on Thursday, a plurality of 46 percent of Republicans said that the U.S. does “too little” on global problems, compared with 37 percent who said the U.S. does “too much.” That’s a significant change from November 2013, when 52 percent of Republicans said the U.S. did “too much” and just 18 percent said “too little.”

What’s especially relevant to Paul’s presidential ambitions is that the shift is most pronounced among the group that should be the natural audience for his limited government message.

“Tea Party Republicans’ views of the U.S. role in solving world problems have changed dramatically since last November,” Pew noted. “Today, 54% of Republicans and GOP leaners who agree with the Tea Party say it does too little to help solve world problems; just 33% say it does too much. Last year, opinions were nearly the reverse: 54% of Tea Party Republicans said the U.S. did too much global problem-solving while 22% said it did too little.”

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