Don't confuse being a feminist with being a perpetual victim

OK, so it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it just shows how deeply women are taught to drink out of the victim cup. Even 21-year-old co-founders of companies. And the saddest part about it is that by imbibing this victimhood complex, a woman who could be presented as a high-achieving and talented professional instead comes off as someone who thinks the journalism world should revolve around her, who makes huge productions out of unintended slights, and who seems insecure instead of confident.

There has to be a better way. Ms. Sullivan’s future is bound to be full of people who say and do things that Ms. Sullivan doesn’t love. All of our futures are full of that. But to freak out over a caption that could have easily been written for any two people of any sex is kind of just a good way to cry wolf. And that might be the last thing a co-founder of a marketing start-up needs. A feminism that doesn’t help men and women prepare for real hardships so much as imagined ones isn’t helping anybody.

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