Why that one Democratic Obamacare ad didn’t signal a new trend

While liberal supporters believe Obamacare could be a winning issue for Democrats, recent polls show that the law continues to be unpopular. A CBS poll taken in early August found that 50 percent disapprove of the measure, while 41 percent approve. Strong disapproval outpaced strong approval by a nearly 2 to 1 margin (38 to 20 percent).

When they have brought up Obamacare on the campaign trail, Democrats have argued that Republicans would roll back popular aspects of the law, such as the ban on denying people coverage for preexisting conditions.

“Yes, there is a line of attack that can be used, but by and large, most candidates do not want to be in a situation of running their race on Obamacare,” said one Democratic strategist who requested anonymity to discuss internal strategy. “It’s still unpopular, and it’s not going to be popular by the time the election comes around.”

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