The left's ridiculous Burger King freakout

Even among those who do pay attention there will likely be many who don’t believe the purpose of a business is to placate the Obama administration or generate more revenue for government. The executive’s charge is to grow and sustain a healthy business, which this deal almost unquestionably does. Stockholders? According to The Street, the Brazilian equity firm that controls the company may make more in one day with the acquisition of Tim Hortons than it paid Goldman Sachs (and others) for Burger King four years ago. Sounds like a sweet deal.

Obviously, there are people out there who believe that “tax avoidance” is wrong in theory. Obama wouldn’t be harping on the issue and offering punitive legislation if the topic didn’t poll well somewhere. Judging from Twitter and comments sections, plenty of misinformed Americans are under the impression that Burger King will stop paying taxes altogether (even with “inversion” companies are subject to U.S. tax rates on profits earned in America). It’s the kind of ignorance that allows crass demagogues like Sherrod Brown (Burger King has “abandoned the United States”!) to do their thing…

And that’s probably what’s driving a lot of this overwrought reaction to this merger. The consequences of high corporate taxation could not be more apparent. If established American brands like Burger King are willing to “leave” the country, it won’t matter how much hyperbole Democrats throw around, others will do the same. It’s certainly possible that the left will generate enough of a racket to convince the fast food giant to surrender on inversion. But, as we’ve seen, most companies can’t be shamed out of making the right decision.

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