When it comes to ISIS, our legislature is full of cowards

I’m not opposed in principle to using military force to decimate this group of coldblooded maniacs. In the end, it should come down to a clear-eyed assessment of the threat they pose to the United States. Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard compelling evidence on both sides of that argument.

There’s just one problem: bombing a nation — even when it’s mainly to attack sub-state actors operating within it — is unquestionably an act of war. And debates about whether to go to war should be taking place in Congress, with our elected representatives taking a stand one way or another. The refusal to take that stand is a monumental evasion of Congress’s constitutionally delineated responsibility.

That this shirking of responsibility is a product of abject cowardice and self-protectiveness makes it especially contemptible.

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