Scarborough tears into GOP: Obama's doing what you want in Iraq and you still criticize him

“The President of the United States is doing what we hear John McCain and Lindsey Graham and other Republicans say he should do, and what is the response?” Scarborough asked. “It’s criticism.”

“The president is not leading behind any more on ISIS,” Scarborough continued. “He is arming the Kurds — something that, of course, Republicans said they were for but now they are not saying, ‘Thank you, Mr. President, for doing what we have been asking you to do.’ Don’t know exactly why. Oh, yeah: we aggressively worked to retake a dam from ISIS. Still, all I heard this weekend was criticism of the Commander in Chief. That’s fine, I guess, if that is what you want to do, if that gets you off. I mean, seriously? We are in the middle of a crisis and all you want to talk about is what happened in the rearview mirror?”

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