"We signed their death warrants by compromising that information"

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: I have got to address not only disgraceful, but murderous release of details of this raid. You just don’t do it. The special operators are furious because the administration rolled them on the bin Laden raid. Why do I say murderous? Not only because detailing which units are involved, tactics, how we did it, not only does that endanger our fighters, if we go in on a future raid, but the administration didn’t think about the hostages still being held. They released the data, the information that we got intelligence from released European hostages. Do you think the Islamic state is going to release more hostages? We signed their death warrants by compromising that information. You can tell that I’m angry. I’m a former intelligence guy. You do not compromise a vital, above top secret national security information for five minutes of political gain. It’s un-American.

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