Is Obama acting like a former president?

In a campaign style event last week, the president revealed even more of a state of mind that suggests he has checked out. He told the audience that he is “finding lately that I just want to say what’s on my mind.” That sounds more like an idle comment from a retired, unengaged former president than something a president in command would say. Obama then went on to petulantly declare that the reason for his failures is because Republicans “don’t do anything except block me. And call me names.” Can you imagine any other president in our history making that excuse? Remember, President Ronald Reagan had a divided government every day he was in office, but he still managed to work with Congress to pass major legislation. He certainly never whined about being called names by his critics. Neither did Bush 41, Clinton or Bush 43.

And just yesterday, the president made a speech declaring that he would be issuing more executive orders on immigration because “our system is so broken, so unclear, that folks don’t know what the rules are.” Was he talking about Obamacare? Anyway, his statement was ironic coming from the man who treats the law as mere guidance. As I’ve said before, an executive-order presidency actually suits Obama, especially in his state of early retirement. He doesn’t have to convince anyone of anything; his staff writes the orders and he can just sign them and pivot to making a speech in front of an adoring crowd.

Finally, also yesterday at a goodbye party for the White House pastry chef, President Obama nonchalantly said that maybe his chef was putting crack in the White House pies.That quip was met with laughter and obviously some thought it was delightful, but I thought it was in stunningly bad form. Our president now makes jokes about consuming crack? Really? I guess it’s just what’s on his mind.