Pro-amnesty billionaires now silent after big splash

While American Action Network was heavily invested in pushing immigration reform when legislation was under discussion in the Senate, the multi-issue conservative group isn’t active on the ground or on TV trying to make an example out of House Republicans who have blocked similar efforts in that chamber.

Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy also has no plans for major network or cable TV ad buys on immigration reform.

Zuckerberg’s could go up with ads later this fall, but doesn’t have any time reserved as of yet.

Representatives from the groups cite a variety of reasons for not playing an active role in the election — everything from immigration reform not being a top issue this cycle to trying to save limited resources for when the legislative environment in Congress becomes better.

Still, it’s a stark contrast from earlier this year when immigration groups, GOP operatives, unions and others were putting a full-court press on House Republicans with ads, private meetings and in district lobbying to engage on the issue.