Ferguson protesters sour on Capt. Ron Johnson over broken promises

Johnson’s two big false promises about tear gas and the National Guard have not been lost on the protesters in Ferguson.

The reception was notably chilly when he tried to speak to them Tuesday afternoon.

In a nutshell, many protesters have now concluded that Johnson is a phony.

“He has let us down,” 33-year-old Ferguson resident Justina Cramer told The Daily Caller. “You say you are for the people. Now you are shutting us down. We are not here to be quiet.”

Cramer was on the scene when Johnson spoke late Tuesday afternoon near a makeshift media pen around the corner of West Florissant Avenue and Canfield Drive.

“I feel betrayed. I feel lied to. I feel abused. I don’t trust him.” she told TheDC. “His promises aren’t worth anything. I do believe he is abiding by the orders he is given.”