Chris Christie gets in heated argument at town-hall meeting over, uh, Bruce Springsteen

that musician Bruce Springsteen doesn’t like him.

A woman learned this lesson the hard way Tuesday afternoon after she informed Christie, a potential 2016 White House contender and devout fan of “The Boss,” that Springsteen objected to Christie’s politics and requested he stop using Springsteen’s music at his town hall events.

“No. Never did that. Nah, you’re wrong about that. Bruce has never asked me to do that. I saw Bruce about a week and a half ago. And he had every opportunity to tell me not to. He didn’t and he never has,” Christie informed her, according to a video clip played by MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday morning.

A heated exchange soon followed. Christie insisted he was well acquainted with the singer and the woman was simply wrong about her claim.

“Nah, listen: I know him and you’re wrong. I understand you’re now expressing your politics. You’re now expressing your politics and your objection, and that’s fine. Don’t put it in Mr. Springsteen’s mouth. Put it in yours,” he said. “Don’t put it in Bruce’s mouth. I know Bruce. I’ve spoken to Bruce. And you’re wrong. Speak your mind. Be angry or not. It doesn’t matter to me.”

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