Rick Perry and the Democrats' pattern of "lawfare" against rising Republicans

However, America remains a two party country. And two parties can play the same game.

Attacking rising Democrats through bogus legal proceedings is a game Republicans shouldn’t play under any circumstances. It seems inevitable, however, that Republicans sooner or later will retaliate in this fashion.

There aren’t many promising Democratic governors. But Julian Castro served three terms as mayor of San Antonio. Now he’s been elevated to the cabinet and is being groomed as a possible vice presidential candidate in 2016. He aspires, no doubt, to become the third installment in the Democrats’ identity presidency trilogy (Obama, Clinton, Castro).

Texas Republicans could attempt to derail Castro by seizing upon or inventing allegations of wrongdoing during his time as mayor and initiating some sort of legal proceeding. I have no reason to believe that Castro has, in fact, engaged in criminal wrongdoing. But neither, from all that appears, has Perry.

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