How a smart candidate from either party could harness this political moment

3. Advocates for further reforms of the National Security Agency, including a change in the way intelligence gathered outside the U.S. is assessed for domestic content.

4. Makes a promise to share “secret law” with Congress, if the Justice Department is requested to provide legal cover for controversial practices. There are a bunch of reasons why sharing these opinions immediately with everyone isn’t practical, but there are almost no good reasons why they shouldn’t eventually be published.

5. Vows to sign into law an expansive and open-minded rewriting of the Freedom of Information Act.

This is a platform that could stretch across partisan divides. I could see Hillary Clinton, or Rand Paul, or Martin O’Malley, or Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio running on a version of this platform. And the first politician to make these issues his or her own will have an advantage with those swing voters who want to be on the right side of history.

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