Ebola expert on Ron Paul: 'He really f***ed up'

How do Paul’s Ebola claims stack up to Ebola science?

“As far as I can make out he’s wrong about everything,” Fordham University’s Dr. Alexander van Tulleken told Foreign Policy. No licensed or approved treatment for Ebola exists. Yes, the experimental ZMapp drug seems to have effectively treated two American aid workers transported from Liberia to Atlanta, and more such untested drugs are in development. But those patients have also benefited from expert care, van Tulleken notes, so the jury’s still out. “The only treatments for Ebola really are supportive care” such as ventilation to support lung failure, dialysis for kidney failure or fluid replacement via IV.

As for Paul’s claims about DDT and organic phosphates, neither is an actual treatment nor control mechanism for Ebola. While some in the public health community view DDT as a legitimate solution for slowing malaria, there’s no science that says it would cure or control Ebola.

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