Charlie Crist to feds: Don’t kick illegals off Obamacare coverage

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that the remaining 310,000 — out of an original 970,000 Obamacare sign-ups — that have failed to take any action clearing up the irregularities in their citizenship or immigration status will be kicked off the federal health-care exchanges if they don’t file documentation by Sept. 5. The administration will reach out to customers another three times before that point, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services chief Marilyn Tavenner pledged.

Crist’s statement assumes that all those with irregularities are legally present in the U.S. But in states with large immigrant populations, such as Florida and California, there’s a growing movement to extend Obamacare benefits to illegal immigrants as well as those here illegally. (RELATED: Insurer-Linked Group Now Pushing Obamacare For Illegal Immigrants)

President Obama has promised that Obamacare benefits, including the generous taxpayer subsidies available for exchange coverage, will not be extended to immigrants who entered the country illegally. Citizens and legal immigrants are eligible for coverage.