How feminism got so frivolous

A feminist who, under the protection of the First Amendment, warns against those who respect the First Amendment; a quiz that begins by asking about a cartoon creator (Seth MacFarlane; cf. Question No. 1), then veers into an interrogation about constitutional philosophy — do we expect anything else anymore? The timbre of feminist journalism is all the same: self-righteous, self-assured, and unable to resist the temptation to show it off.

Which is why 21st-century feminism is a bore. Every twentysomething aspiring Girls star who writes about her abortion or the sexism in Assassin’s Creed or how the Internet crowdfunded her (originally “his”) artificial vagina is increasingly interchangeable. For all of its convention-flouting, glass-ceiling-shattering exhibitionism, contemporary feminism has not served to individuate and personalize; it has served to create a yattering mob of indistinguishable activists whose defining characteristic is their obsession with their own genitalia.

And now memorizing The Vagina Monologues and dismissing as “a**holes” males who watch Family Guy is the intellectual output of an advanced scholar at a major university.

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