The hottest Senate race in the country just might be in Alaska

Many of the challenged Democrats this primary season are trying to put distance between themselves and President Obama’s policies but Begich went a little too far. He ran a commercial in which he is trying to attach himself to the state’s senior Senator, Lisa Murkowski , a Republican, by calling the two of them a dynamic duo who vote together eighty percent of the time.

Senator Murkowsi will certainly support the Republican nominee, who will be chosen by voters in the August 19 primary. She objected strongly to being featured in a campaign ad and told Begich in no uncertain terms to run on his own record.

That record includes the differences between Begich’s decision to vote for ObamaCare and support for the Dodd- Frank bill, two of the hallmarks of this president’s agenda.

He has also supported the president’s liberal judges and EPA policies which Murkowski has not done.

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