Dick Cheney: Obama's probably not reading his intelligence reports

Former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized President Barack Obama’s handling of the crisis in Iraq and said that the president probably isn’t reading his intelligence briefings.

In an interview set to air on Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Cheney agreed with Charles Krauthammer’s claim that the president is “strategically clueless,” adding that President Obama doesn’t think that US power is beneficial, but rather “part of the problem.” And maintaining that President Obama does not “have the same fundamental set of beliefs that most of our presidents have held over the years.”

Cheney added that President Obama’s past statements that ISIS was “JV” showed that the president is “probably not reading his intelligence, or we’ve got a bigger problem in terms of the quality of the intelligence he is receiving.” He also stated, “to suggest that these guys [ISIS] are just involved in local conflicts, I can’t believe he’s listening to the briefings that I would expect he’s received from the intelligence community, and come out with a statement like that. It shows the depths of his, I guess, his lack of knowledge.”

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