Can't the right argue in multiple styles?

One point I would note is that while O’Keefe and Coulter are different ages, they’ve both achieved a certain prominence and status with their respective styles. Whether or not you or I like it, they’ve decided it works for them. And the proof is in the book contracts, YouTube hits, television appearances, syndicated columns, speaking gigs and so on. No matter how much someone tells them to change their style or the way they approach advocating for their ideas, these two – and most of us! — are never going to change, or at least are extremely unlikely to change.

So I’m not sure it does anyone much good to yell at anybody who’s having an impact on the Right and demand they change.

It’s been said that “conservatism is a mansion with many rooms.” (Somewhere someone is scoffing, ‘great, even our metaphors make us look like the rich guys.’) If we don’t all agree on every issue –military interventions, trade policy, gay marriage, abortion, eliminating the home mortgage deduction, boosting the child tax credit – why do we have to agree on styles and tones of public argument?

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