It's not too late for Republicans to win Latino votes

Latino registered voters were more likely to say they would consider voting for Mr. Ryan in 2016 if they heard the first statement — 47 percent said they would consider voting for him. When they heard only the “rule of law” statement, just a third said they would do so.

The data further reveal that half of Latino registered voters have cast a ballot for Republicans at some point — including 60 percent of those who describe themselves as independents, 33 percent of Democrats and 46 percent of those under age 40. Among those who completed the survey in Spanish instead of English, a third had voted for a Republican at least once. Moreover, Latinos as a whole have not written the Republican party off; only 25 percent say they will oppose the G.O.P. no matter what they do on immigration.

Latino Decisions calls immigration a “gateway issue” for Latinos and the Republican Party. According to their data, nearly two-thirds of registered Latino voters say they would be willing to listen to Republicans on other issues if they stopped promoting deportation policies, like defunding DACA. But to get their attention, immigration overhaul must be part of the call.

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