Seven takeaways from Rand Paul's Iowa journey

2. Paul went out of his way to meet with every faction of the GOP in Iowa.

Business leaders got Paul’s undivided attention at a roundtable at the headquarters of the Von Maur department store chain in Davenport on Tuesday afternoon. Meredith Corp. brass got a private audience in Des Moines on Wednesday morning.

Paul did a one-on-one at a Starbucks coffee shop with GOP heavyweight David Oman, who later told the Register: “Paul is an engaging guy who is saying some of the right things on entitlements, poverty, privacy, debt, limited government, and smart national security vs. nation building.”

Evangelical pastors got a read on Paul over lunch Wednesday at the Holiday Inn by the airport.

Christian conservative Sam Clovis, the GOP state treasurer candidate, was invited to ride along between two Des Moines events. State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, a property rights advocate and son of the Iowa GOP chairman, was on board for Tuesday’s leg between Iowa City and Davenport.